Elevation Resort Management (ERM) currently manages 19 Residences located in the prestigious Solaris Building. ERM has instituted an aggressive marketing strategy that has captured guests from all of over the world. Our personal assistant program guarantees guests will be able to have a specialized and memorable vacation. As our brand and portfolio grows we pride ourselves in being flexible to any management opportunity. We can offer anything from full-scale property management to specialized management that focuses on areas that need improvement.

As part of the ERM portfolio your property would be aggressively marketed and held to the same standards as the Solaris Residences. We would take care of the entire rental process from marketing, reservations, cleaning, engineering, personal assistant program and financial accounting/reporting. ERM has developed several strategic partnerships with business throughout Vail Valley. We have identified providers that share ERM’s vision of superior customer service and promote a unique guest experience. ERM prides itself on identifying several unique opportunities to maximize Owner’s net revenue. Every month we provide our owners a detailed revenue statement that shows all revenues and expenses along with future projections. All of our owners have complete visibility into their investment and can monitor the performance of ERM and their property. We are confident that we provide superior guest service while maximizing owner’s return.

We offer a free ROI (return on investment) analysis so owners/investors know what to expect from a property managed by ERM. ERM is willing to discuss and analyze all rental-producing opportunities. Please contact us to set-up a time to discuss how ERM can maximize your investment.

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